S1 Lifer Helmet Fullface

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A full face helmet that meets current helmet safety standards for downhill skateboarding, cycling, roller skating and scootering. The S1 Lifer Fullface Helmet is designed to be worn while riding your skateboard, bicycle, roller skates and scooter. The S1 Lifer Fullface Helmet is the safest, best selling, and best fitting certified high impact and multiple impact helmet on the market . This helmet is ideal for people who downhill skate and long board and need a helmet with full face protection. When you buy an The S1 Lifer Fullface Helmet you are buying the best. Every batch is tested to make sure the S1 Lifer Helmet meets and/or exceeds current helmet safety standard.

Each helmet comes with two visor options Clear, Tint or Mirror. Just make a note with your order which two visor options you would like.