Reckless Evader

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All wheels come in sets of 4 unless otherwise specified 

The Reckless Evader now comes in all new colours!

Reckless Evader wheels have a smaller diameter than many other derby wheels (similar to "Atom Juke" wheels) , which enables faster acceleration than taller wheels.

The lip on this wheel allows the skater to get dig in and snap when cornering and using their edges, making the action of these super efficient and powerful.

The nylon hub on these makes them a nice lightweight wheel

Hardness: Faded Green 88a, Lavender 91a, Light Orange 93a, Turquoise 95a



If we don't have the colour or durometer you are after we might be getting it in soon, or we will bea ble to order it in for you, just send us an email at any questions or queries