Aotearoller Derby Gear

Reactor Cushions


Reactor Cushions - For Reactor Plates

These cushions fit PowerDyne Reactor plates only. this is because the step top cushion is not as high as other cushions (to fit the Reactor's unique Kingpin length), Reactor Magic Cushions only fit PowerDyne Reactor trucks

Made from high quality urethane, cushions (some people call them “bushings”) are just like shocks on a car. They soak up the imperfections of the surface, keep you connected to the road ahead through enhanced feedback, load up and then release your stored power in a forceful yet predictable manner. Your cushions retain energy and release it through your skate, giving you the punchy responsiveness you need.

Red 78A – Soft: Lightweights / Lots of flexibility
Orange 82A – Medium: Middleweights / Medium flexibility
Yellow 85A – Firm: Heavyweights / More resistance
Purple 89A - Extra Firm: Heavyweights/ Extreme resistance