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An inspirational quote from Estro-Jen (real name Michelle Steilen), creator of Moxi Roller Skates whose idea behind MoxiSkates was to "revitalise classics for women on a roll!". Ordinarily roller skates for women have usually been white or tan, and black for the guys, but have now been revamped into five eye-catching designs and put "fashion on wheels by putting a colourful spin on a fun pastime."

Estro was a marketing professional, turned roller derby addict who was inspired to use what she knew to see to it that roller skating never went away again. While roller derby captured all of the aggressive-typed women, Estro’s mission was to harness the acceptance of all women with a desire to be on wheels and look cute while exercising! And that is when MoxiRoller Skates (the brand) was created.

All Moxis come with PowerDyne Thrust plate and Moxi wheels