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All wheels come in sets of 4 unless otherwise specified

Heartless wheels are the original slim derby wheel. They are tried and true and loved by skaters all over the world. They have a unique 35mm width, which is just slightly narrower than most narrow wheels, giving you that extra bit of agility.

Beacause of their hollow nylon core, Heartless wheels are some of the lightest and fastest wheels on the market. Because of their narrow profile, they are well suited to skaters whose main focus is to be more agile and have more mobility. These wheels are great for agility, cornering and hockey stops!

Another awesome thing about heartless wheels is that they come in a wide range of hardnesses and in packs of 4, which means you can mix and match to choose a combo of duros that works for you!

Heartless “Voodoo” (purple) * 86a

Heartless “Stalkers” (black) * 88a

Heartless “Creepers” (green) * 90a

Heartless “Chasers” (yellow) * 92a

Heartless “Breakers” (red)* 94a

Heartless “Vanish” (white) : * 96a

62mm x 35mm (we do also have 59mm available. Email us for more info phylli@aotearoller.co.nz)



 If we don't have the colour or durometer you are after we might be getting it in soon, or we will be able to order it in for you, just send us an email!