About us


In 2010 Gaz (formerly RCRD, now London Roller Girls) had the goal of helping skaters all around Aotearoa get into the right gear and help set up NZ for derby greatness, so she set up Aotearoller. Gaz has since moved to London, is skating with LRG and running a successful derby store in the UK, so after 8 years of wisdom and hard work, she’s passed Aotearoller on to me, Tino.
Aotearoller is still 100% derby owned and operated with the goal of making derby (and more!) more accessible to everyone. After 8 years on the track playing derby (and still going), I want to help others and share my knowledge with skaters of all levels, from new to experienced.
I skate and coach with Richter City (Wellington) and as well as this I teach weekly classes via the Wellington City Council where I teach people of all ages how to skate. With new beginnings comes new adventures. Aotearoller opens its doors to the greater skating community of Aotearoa. You’ll notice the slight re-brand from Aotearoller Derby Gear to Aotearoller Skate Gear, because whatever you’re into; derby, ramps, parks, inline's, however you like to roll... we've got you covered.
I’m aiming to host some evenings where you can come and ask questions, try gear, learn about maintenance and I can talk you through what’s right for you based on your individual needs and your style of skating.

If you have any questions, need advice, want to talk about gear or things you want stocked please contact me. Looking forward to hearing from you.