RADAR Presto 59mm

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Finally! The best roller derby wheel.


This is my personal favourite  wheel of the season. The 69mm diameter means that you can accelerate and decelerate really quickly, it also makes transitions much quicker and means that the wheels are just that much lighter. As a result, Radar Presto wheels are super great for pack work, giving a controlled yet agile and 'jumpy' feel. The true magic of these wheels is that they have a new designed lip on them, which allows you to use the whole wheel, all the way to the edge. This gives you a lot more dig and push when skating, while still maintaining speed and agility. All in all, highly recommended!!

Sold in Packs of 4 so you can combo it up!

They come in 5 different durometers:

Highlighter Turquoise: 88A

Highlighter Yellow: 91A

Highlighter Orange: 93A

Highlighter Blue: 95A

Highlighter Purple: 97A


If we don't have the colour or durometer you are after we might be getting it in soon, or we will bea ble to order it in for you, just send us an email at tino@aotearoller.co.nz with any questions or queries