Gumball 2.0 LAST ONE

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LAST ONE!  Do your skates need these?

The world most popular derby stopper has been re-designed to make it even better!  Now pre-angled with a tougher rubber, they are longer lasting than the original. PLUS they come with funky coloured stems! Colours are random and mixed.

Made with all natural rubber and an aluminum stem (to reduce weight), Gumball Toe Stops have the perfect balance of grip and durability necessary for quick stops and fast starts. The grip and size of these stoppers makes them great to run on.

Gumball Toe Stops are great for all types of skating surfaces including wood, sport tile, polished and unpolished concrete, masonite, banked tracks and outdoor.

These stoppers are approximately 4 cm in diameter and work with most standard plates

These have the standard length stem which is approx 3 cm.