STEAKS Flesh Diamond Shorts

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Flesh Diamond Shorts

Available In-Stock Sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL / 2XL

Snug fitting shorts with removable, nearly invisible tailbone (coccyx) padding! The wide waistband effectively supports the waist area, allows easy adjustment and ensures that the shorts stay put without riding up or slipping down. Our crotch gusset makes irritating seams a thing of the past and, combined with a high-rise fit at the back, guarantees maximum comfort.   

If you have injured your tailbone in the past, you can add an additional tailbone pad to increase the protection.

Protected areas

  • tailbone (removable)


  • Short length (15 cm / 5.9 inch in size M, measured from crotch)

Padding information

  • Tailbone: you know what this one is good for: a typical spot skaters tend to fall on.
  • Additional Tailbone (optional): if you are recovering from a tailbone injury or have already broken your tailbone before consider also purchasing our EXTRA coccyx (tailbone) pad.