SISU Mouthguard Adult 1.6

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Basically, these mouthguards are awesome. They make it super easy to talk and drink and are slim fitted and really comfortable. They also provide great protection.

I like the white because it looks like my teeth but they also come in…

Electric Blue
Hot Pink
Intense Red
Purple Punch
Royal Blue
Spring Green
Charcoal Black
Snow White (like teeth) and more...

Here is the official write up:

* Protech DentTM is made from a non-compressible, perforated material.
* It has unique impact-energy absorbing perforations and special “crumple zones” directing impact forces away from teeth.
* It dissipates the impact energy over larger areas.
* Provides 30% better protection
* Protech DentTM is ultra thin (1.6mm)
* It provides superior comfort which equals superior compliance
* It makes it easier to speak and drink
* Protech DentTM is easy to custom fit
* Offers excellent fit in minutes; clinical studies show superior comfort
* Protech DentTM is perforated
* You will experience less drooling

Sounds pretty good huh?