187 Pro Derby Knee Pads

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  • The Pro Derby Knee Pad brings years of roller derby experience from the track to your knee. Through the input of top skaters, product features have been tested and perfected. Experience the difference.


    Designed Specifically for Roller Derby 

    • Low profile and less bulk with high level protection

    187 Killer Pads® Lock-In™ Core System

    • Removable foam allows for easy washing
    • Interlocking straps link foam to center of pad casing
    V-22™ Dual Density Foam
    • Specially formulated to provide the perfect combination of cushion and protection for multiple hard impacts
    Rapid F L E X™ Hinge
    • Allows pads to respond freely to full range of motion; straighten or bend leg with little or no resistance
    Fusion Groove™ Channel
    • Maintains foam connection to skater's leg and helps eliminate pad slip downs
    187 Killer Pads® Lock-In™ Cap System
    • Secures and aligns removable cap in correct position
    Proven 187 Killer Pads® Design Elements
    • Light-weight fast drying interior lining
    • Seamless interior finish for ultimate comfort
    • Ballistic nylon with industrial-weight stitching ensures durability
    • Three-panal construction for reliable performance
    • Open back design for excellent fit and quick on & off

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    187 Pro Derby Knee Pads: sizing guide