Hop Up Kit

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The Hop Up Kit includes 4 barrel cushions, 4 conical cushions, and the correct cushion cups to upgrade your standard cushions to a conical set up. PLEASE NOTE: If you have a plate that already fits conical cushions then a hot up kit probably won’t fit for various reasons. You have to buy the specialist parts for your specialist plate.


In addition to the hardness of cushions, the shape of them can vary – which has an effect on the way they perform. Most cushions are a standard “barrel” shape. If you have a PowerDyne Thrust, Triton or Aluminium plate, your cushions will be double barrel (both the top and bottom cushion will be barrel shaped). This Hop Up Kit is used to upgrade your cushions from standard double barrel to conical. The primary benefit of conical cushions is a greater range of motion when skating. Because the edge slims down, it allows you to lean more before the cushions start pushing back.


If we don't have the colour or duro you are after we may be getting it in, or we can order it in for you. Just send us an email at goregasm@aotearoller.co.nz